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Thursday, June 16th, 2011
9:15 am - Automotive Misadventures
I would have called this posting "Car Woes," except our car troubles have been a series of manageable problems that individually don't qualify as woes. But enduring one after another is wearing me down.

Lose an old car, gain a new oneCollapse )

Those are my misadventures, so far. The Honda Fit is a great car, except for that ignition lock problem.

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Monday, February 21st, 2011
11:36 am - Gnome Monk Ranger
Being sick with a cold is a good time for groggy thoughts, so I have been obsessing over min-maxing my Pathfinder (AKA Dungeons & Dragons 3.6) character. I am recovering now, though not before passing the cold to frostmuffin and xelona.

Remember my Livejournal post of May 24, 2010, Turtles and Pathfinder? I recorded the cliffhanger at the end of a module to prepare for the game resuming in the fall. Now you get to hear the end of it.

The story continuesCollapse )

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Sunday, December 26th, 2010
11:25 pm - Christmas at Home
Ever since we moved to Maryland back in 1992, we have been spending Christmas in Michigan. It led to an odd lack of Christmas decorations in our house, because we wouldn't see them on Christmas itself. We never purchased a Christmas tree and our presents were piled for easy packing into the minivan. And we were heavily involved in the December Advent events at the church, especially while frostmuffin was a choir director, but then we would skip out before the Christmas worship services there. And due to the Advent workload, we barely spent any time shopping and never got around to sending out Christmas cards.

This year, we spent Christmas at home in Maryland.

It is because Frostmuffin got a job at the new REI store in Columbia, MD. It opened in November. As I tease, she works retail now. And working retail has certain obligations, such as manning the Christmas rush. Although she is part time, she has been working almost full-time hours now that her college classes have ended for the semester. The store needs her help.

Furthermore, Christmas isn't the same without riverlark around. Driving to Seattle this summer to visit her was an 24-day adventure, but we can't do that for Christmas. So it is time for our Christmas traditions to change.

What changed? First, xelona and Frostmuffin purchased two strings of Christmas lights and hug them on our porch and arbor. They are modern blue LED icicle lights. Second, we purchased a tree. It is a two-foot-tall live rosemary tree, but the grocery store was selling them as Christmas decorations. It smells herbal. I wonder whether we will keep it and harvest it for spice.

Third, we went to the 11pm Christmas Eve service at my church. I say "my" instead of "our" because Frostmuffin and Xelona have mostly stopped attending services there. I keep up alone because I like teaching Sunday School. Last week I taught the children how to cut out six-sided symmetric snowflakes by folding the paper into twelveths. They didn't know that method already, which surprised me. Sometimes I teach more math and science than religion.

Christmas Day was quiet. Xelona got us up early to open presents, which were stacked beside the rosemary tree. All seven of them. Money has been tight this year. The impressive present was the Japanese print that Frostmuffin's brother Doug sent her. Between Xelona recognizing the artist from his style and Frostmuffin recognizing the temple from having visited it in person, they identified the print before they read Doug's letter.

The rest of Christmas was hard to tell from any other Saturday, besides missing our usual scheduled games. We did eat out at a small Chinese restaurant for dinner.

Later this week, we are going to visit amethyst_dancer for her birthday. I have been warned not to post vacation schedules on the Internet, so that is all the detail for now. As for afterward, let me remind you that I never did chronicle our summer vacation here. It is hard to update while away from my computer.

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Monday, May 24th, 2010
7:25 am - Turtles and Pathfinder
Sunday, May 23, was World Turtle Day. I started writing this entry then, but the exact day is not important because I mostly celebrated this event last week with a gift to my pet turtle, Peter. I replaced the filter on his aquarium with a new filter twice as large as the previous. The old one had worn out enough that I had attached a supplemental pump to it to keep it running. Furthermore, Peter has grown enough that it was time for an upgrade. Again.

Ironically, the World Turtle Day suggestions recommend against keeping turtles as pets, because that leads to stealing wild turtles from their habitat, because reptiles often carry Salmonella bacteria, and because reptiles are more difficult pets to tend than most people suppose. Peter was store-raised and after over a dozen years without signs of Salmonella, I think we can declare him uninfected. I do have trouble keeping his tank clean, because he keeps growing. In a few decades he will be trampling over Tokyo, the ambition of all giant reptiles.

Saturday, frostmuffin finished the Pathfinder module she was running at the Family Game Store. I play a character in that game. We had the big boss battle and we lost. The party was smaller and lower level than the module intended, and the boss fight was designed as almost more than a proper party could handle, so we were badly outclassed. The adventure ended on a plot-twist cliffhanger instead of the clean break intended for summer hiatus.

We need a place to record the details for when the adventure starts anew in September, and my journal here seems a good place.

Hidden Details, Only Minor SpoilersCollapse )

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Friday, November 13th, 2009
6:13 pm - Last Days of the Evil One
Today, frostmuffin and xelona took our dog Miko to the veterinarian to die by lethal injection. The alternative was to let Miko gradually die of dehydration after losing the ability to drink.

Miko was a small black mix of cocker spaniel and poodle, whom we had obtained from the local county animal shelter after Melody died. Her nickname was "The Evil One."

Our other deceased dogs--Shadowfax, Melody, and Callie--had died without assistance. Shadow died of old age in her sleep; Melody died of cancer in her sleep; and Callie died of a stroke in the back yard. As a child, Frostmuffin had accompanied her mother to put a family dog to death, but this was the first time she was in charge of the decision. She has been crying on Xelona's shoulder and my shoulder.

Miko had been cheating death for a long time. When we picked her up from the animal shelter five and a half years ago, the veterinarian discovered that Miko had cancer and predicted that she would die during the summer. When Miko survived summer, the vet gave her a year. After that, the vet gave up predictions. Though Miko resisted the cancer, the strain aged her, and though we guess she was only twelve years old at death, she looked like an old dog of sixteen years. She had gone blind two years ago. That didn't slow her down her hijinks. Fortunately, she also lost the strength to climb stairs about the same time, so that we did not have to worry about her blindly wandering off the top of the stairs, except for the entryway stairs at amethyst_dancer's house. This spring, she lost enough mobility that she could no longer head out the dog door to poop, so she did it wherever it suited her. And in the last month, she lost the ability to walk, so she spent her days on an absorbent pad on the heated floor of our new bathroom. (We have been doing some remodeling since July.) Either she was having mini-strokes, or the cancer had finally reached her nervous system.

Death wasn't the only thing she cheated. She earned the title "Evil One" by being a sneaky greedy dog. She had brains and she used them selfishly. She often stole other dogs' food. She thought that annoying persistent barking at odd hours could get her whatever she wanted. She liked to investigate corners and tight places, which was not a crime, but it often lead her to unplugging Frostmuffin's computer. She piddled on the floor of grandma's house, even though she knew how to be let out to pee. Her worst caper--that we know of--was when she pulled down the kitchen trash can to get at scraps and then deliberately lured our other dog, young Kerowyn, into the area in an effort to frame her.

I'll miss her.

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Sunday, August 23rd, 2009
10:18 pm - Designing an algorithm
Both my father and my wife's father were engineers, and so are a good number of my in-laws. I dapple in boardgame design. My wife is a church musician who loves to plan out worship services. One daughter is an artist, and the other daughter majored in theater stagecraft, the building of sets and props for theater. Thus, our family indulges frequently in building and design.

It should be no surprise that I treat mathematical research as an exercise in design.

Math!Collapse )

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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009
10:08 pm - God is What?!
Next week in the evening I will be a storyteller at Vacation Bible School at our church. I am busy getting ready for it. The stories are set up as plays, with my character Old Storyteller as the narrator. These plays require one to four other actors. I don't have four assistants. On some days of the week, I won't even have one. On Wednesday, I won't be able to make it myself and someone else will play the narrator. So how am I going to put on a play without actors? This week I am making puppets.

I am also reading through the plays. Thursday's play is the one-actor play, Elijah acting out the scene from 1st Kings 19:9-13. Elijah was discouraged by King Ahab trying to kill him, so God told Elijah to wait on a mountain for the presence of the Lord. On the mountain there was a great wind that tore up the rocks and scattered them, but God was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but God was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake came a fire, but God was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper. God was in the whisper.

The conclusion of the story, which I am supposed to get the children to recite, is that God is unpredictable.


Here is a lesson in which God shows his gentle side, that though he has almighty power and can be big and noisy and impressive, he instead chooses to visit us in peace. How does the writer get that God is unpredictable out of this? The writer means that God can be different from what we expect, that he does not fit our images of omnipotence. He made a mistake in saying "unpredictable" to describe this. We know from other Bible stories that God is faithful and steadfast, but unpredictable can mean the opposite: whimsical and arbitrary. I will rewrite that part of the play to make it match the Bible.

More theologyCollapse )

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Monday, December 29th, 2008
9:59 pm - Unexpected Purchase
This Christmas vacation has been more surprising than most. The biggest surprise is that we bought a car, a 2007 Kia Optima, to replace our 10-year-old minivan. The rest of the details are more ordinary, except for the great variety in the weather.

My Christmas vacationCollapse )

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Sunday, September 7th, 2008
9:42 pm - Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons
My dwarven paladin Gardain reached 3rd level in 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons this weekend. And I am retiring him. I start teaching Sunday School next week and I need the time I spend playing D&D to instead prepare my lessons.

I have now played 4th Edition long enough to have a firm opinion of it. The short version is that it has potential but is not yet ready for prime time. The long version is behind the lj cut.

My analysis of 4th EditionCollapse )

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Saturday, July 5th, 2008
9:48 pm - June Travels, extending into July
I am in Freeville, NY. Visiting friends (amethyst_dancer, her husband John, and bythecards) in Freeville for the Fourth of July is typical. The unusual thing is that we had been here just a month ago, for John's birthday party. The birthday celebration was at Paddy's Pub in Cortland, with music by Irish singer Marty Brandon (http://www.irishmarty.com). The six hours of that party was the longest I have every been in a bar.

When we returned home, frostmuffin, riverlark, and tempestborne went hiking up the C&O canal trail up the Potomac River. They were carrying everything on their backs, but the rugged independence image was marred by them occasionally phoning xelona to drive over on an errand for them.

Next on June 17, frostmuffin, riverlark, and xelona flew to Seattle, Washington. The main excuse for the trip is that riverlark is considering some universities in that area for graduate school (after another year at Valparaiso University), but they also wanted to meet some online friends from the solluna_city community. They also visited friends and schools in Oregon, and toured the mountains and rain forests of Washington. They flew back June 27. Originally, they had intended the trip to Seattle as a cross-country camping trip, but those plans had to get simplified.

The girls and I drove up to Freeville on Thursday, July 3. frostmuffin had left early to help tempestborne with some remodeling beforehand. She and tempestborne reached Freeville only an hour behind us. We didn't do anything especially patriotic for Independence Day, unless good American traditions such as picking strawberries count.

I have been filling gaps in my time by reading up on Cascading Style Sheets. Our church has a web site, http://www.peacealive.org/, but has no-one to maintain it. It hasn't been updated since Easter, and Easter was early this year. xelona is probably the only member of the church with the skill to maintain it, but she is moving on as soon as she finds an internship. I am the second most qualified, and I am accustomed to volunteering. I just need for xelona to teach me about XHTML and CSS.

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Friday, May 16th, 2008
8:43 am - A Drive and a Haircut
This week frostmuffin and I had to pick up our daughters from Valparaiso University in Indiana. Since we were driving all the way from Maryland to the Midwest, we decided to make a vacation out of it. Right now we are at Frostmuffin's parents in Arcadia, Michigan, and today we are driving down to see my mother in Caseville, Michigan.

On Saturday, May 11, riverlark picked up xelona from her Urban Studies program in Chicago. Xelona slept on Riverlark's couch for the next three nights. Monday night, we parents and the two dogs showed up, took the girls and Riverlark's roommate (I think her LJ is evilnel) out to dinner, and stayed in a motel ourselves. On Tuesday we packed up, had some runaround checking Riverlark out of her campus-owned apartment because the Resident Assistant was out, and drove up in two minivans to Arcadia.

In Arcadia we have been hunting for morel mushrooms, playing Frisbee golf, cooking meals, watching the History channel on TV, and playing Pinochle. I have been skipping the Pinochle games because I keep an earlier bedtime than everyone else. Our younger dog, Kerowyn, is having a ball here on the homestead where she can run all out without a lease. Our older dog, Miko, who is mostly blind, knows the area well enough that she can safely wander around on her own, too.

Also, I finally had time to stop in a local barber shop and get my half-bald mop of hair trimmed short.

Today, we are heading down to see my mother. Then Saturday morning, Riverlark, the dogs, and I are heading back to Maryland, while Frostmuffin and Xelona are making a side trip to see tempestborne on Long Island.

Riverlark is planning another trip for this summer. She, her mother, and her sister will pick up her roommate in Kansas, and go tent camping. As is typical for our vacations, they will be visiting friends and relatives on the way: Colorado Springs, Colorado; Placerville, California; and Seattle, Washington. They also plan on seeing Yellowstone National Park. I will be staying home to watch the dogs and earn the money. This camping is in addition to the hike up the C&O trail along the Potomac River that Frostmuffin plans for this June.

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Sunday, April 13th, 2008
8:47 pm - Games in Sunday School
I have been teaching the Sunday School class for Third Grade through Fifth Grade since January, when the prior teacher stepped down to spend time on other church work. For three Sundays in a row, my Sunday School lessons have involved games. Before Easter, I mostly used crafts, making marshmallow caterpillars, origami butterflies, and paper palm leaves. The games seem to work better with the boys in my class.

March 30: Doubting Thomas GameCollapse )

April 6: PokémonCollapse )

April 13: Shear PanicCollapse )

Looking ahead to April 20Collapse )

In other news, since I have not updated this livejournal since 2007, my arthritic knee is doing much better and I no longer need a cane. I lost 30 pounds on my diet last year, but discontinued it because of signs of my fatigue illness creeping back. This year I have been exercising in preparation for combining a less extreme diet with exercise. frostmuffin has been on her own exercise routine in preparation for a summer hike along the C&O canal.

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Monday, September 3rd, 2007
8:00 pm - Bridgewalk
Today Amy frostmuffin walked across the Mackinac Bridge. Accompanying her on the five-mile walk were her mother Pat, her brother Doug, her brother Hans, and her nephew Jeremy. Amy's father Gordon and I accompanied them to Mackinac City, but did not walk the bridge. Starting the walk took much longer than expected because many more people showed up for the bridgewalk than the 15,000 expected.

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Friday, August 31st, 2007
5:05 am - On Vacation
I am on my summer vacation in Arcadia, Michigan. Amy and I are visiting her parents out on their tree farm. I hadn't taken a summer vacation for a few years between my illnesses and catching up on work. But this year, I had to be in Indiana August 25 and Michigan September 3. It was a choice between 32 hours on the road driving back to Maryland and back to Michigan or taking a vacation. So I took a vacation.

DetailsCollapse )

Amy's mother regularly takes part in the walk across the Mackinac Bridge on Labor Day. This year is the fiftieth anniversary of the building of the bridge, so Amy, Doug, and maybe some of the kids are walking too. Amy has been practicing for the five-mile walk. I will skip it, because I am not sure whether my arthritic knee could hold out, and because I have not been practicing for a five-mile walk.

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Sunday, June 10th, 2007
12:09 am - Saturday without Amy
Amy (frostmuffin) and Sharayah are off in Ohio for over a week visiting Renee Alper. Last summer Amy stayed in Maryland due to a class, and vacationed in Michigan for a little while in the fall, but she discovered that that short of a vacation left her tired. This year she is making the most of her summer vacation.

Ironically, Amy had visited Renee only two weeks ago. But that was a working visit to help out when Renee did not have enough trained handicap assistants to cover all her hours. Amy had to spend her spare time resting up, so she did not have time to relax with Renee. This visit is meant to have the fun she couldn't have then.

Fiona stayed in Maryland with me.

Amy does not think that she will be able to access her e-mail from there, but she should be able to read this livejournal. So I am going to fill this with mundane trivia that only Amy would like. Sorry to bore the rest of you. I guess I should use a lj cut.

SaturdayCollapse )

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Monday, May 14th, 2007
8:05 pm - New Office
Today I started in a new office. I still work for the same old government agency, but now a different part of it.

I transferred offices partly because after nine and a half years in one office, it was time for a change. And now that I have recovered my strength, I can handle the change. I hope to get back into more mathematics.

I transferred also because of a depressing event. Eight months ago, my bosses tried to fire me. Okay, I exaggerate a little. My team chief and branch chief had dropped a six-week evaluation program on me. If I had failed, I would have automatically been fired. For a year after I succeeded, I still can be fired if I was unproductive at any time (for as little as a single day, the representative from the personnel department said). My branch chief said he was forced to start the evaluation. Really, what forced him was his own carelessness. He did not check what all his options were, and he overreacted when I slowed down due to the July heat wave.

I didn't post anything to this livejournal at the time, because my management started this the Monday I returned from dropping xelona and riverlark off at college. I didn't want to post news that would distract them from their new classes.

I don't believe in karma, but sometimes God's sense of humor has a similar effect. The timing was awful--for my management. The heat wave had ended and I was back to full speed. I finished the six-week goals in four weeks. My performance since then has been unfailingly good, and my bosses admitted it. Due to my bad ratings on record, it took me a while to find another office that would take me, and then because my old office was in a desperate crush I stayed a little longer to finish up my current project. I have eight months of productivity to prove to my former bosses that they alienated a worker that it will hurt to lose. My former branch chief will probably lie to himself that nothing was his fault, but my former team chief is smart and honest enough to realize that he messed up.

My new office calls itself "the lab" and my new coworkers left a squeaky-toy rat, "the lab rat", on my desk as a welcoming gesture. I have known one of them for a few years, because he and I are in a group of lunchtime Magic The Gathering players. So I think I will fit in.

My fatigue illness has been in remission of fourteen months, making this the second longest period of remission so far. I have built up my stamina to pre-fatigue levels. My newer problem, the osteoarthritis in my left knee, is under control. I still walk with a cane, but that is now only a precaution to avoid straining my knee. I could walk without it, and I do so whenever I need two hands to carry something. I am losing five pounds a month on my diet, so I should down to a safe weight in a year.

Erin Schram

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Sunday, March 25th, 2007
4:52 pm - As Lame as my Jokes
I have developed osteoarthritis in my left knee. Now I walk with a cane.

It developed very gradually. I think the first sign was two years ago, when my knee started clicking when I walked. It was such a faint click that only I could hear the sound, conducted along my bones to my ear. Then this last summer, other people could here it.

This October, my knee ached like I had twisted it. I did not recall having twisted it, but I walked carefully to avoid straining it and most of the ache healed up in a week. Then it happened again. I talked to my physician in my regular December appointment, and he suspected arthritis. So he recommended that I take glucosamine supplements.

Amy offered me her Joint Support pills, but my throat gags when I try to swallow pills that large, so instead she purchase a liquid glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplement. The glucosamine helped my knee heal up faster, but it did not reduce the rate at which it hurt anew.

On Monday, March 5, the walk to and from the parking lot at work hurt my leg much more than before. It was a longer walk that usual, because my daughters were home from college and I was driving their minivan to work instead of Amy dropping me off. The walk from the drop-off to my desk is 8 minutes; the walk from the parking lot to my desk is 14 minutes.

The next day, I walked with my hiking staff to reduce the strain on my left knee as I walked. And the day after that, I asked Amy to switch back to dropping me off. I could use my calf muscles to hold my knee so that it did not get hurt any more as I walked, but doing so for a long walk overstrained those muscles so much that they cramped up.

On Tuesday, March 13, I had my regular March appointment with my physician, and he referred me to an orthopedic specialist. The earliest appointment I could get with an orthopedist was a week later. Fortunately, we had scheduled a vacation that Thursday and Friday to visit Cync and John Brantley. On that vacation, I stayed off my feet and my knee got a lot better.

The orthopedist took X-rays and declared that the cartilage at the end of my leg bones was wearing away. Since the cartilage is invisible in an X-ray, I treat his diagnosis with a little skepticism. The pain in my knee feels more like trouble in the meniscus cartilage that forms a support around the joint.

The doctor was against any surgical correction, because I weight 350 pounds and my knee would be under too much stress to heal well. He prescribed physical therapy and instructed me to lose 70 pounds of weight. I have a phobia against surgery so I was perfectly agreeable about physical therapy instead of surgery.

The day of my orthopedist appointment, my knee became significantly worse. I blame the double amount of walking due to walking out for that mid-day appointment. By Thurday evening, my legs were so bad that the 8-minute walk to the pick-up point took 40 minutes.

My first physical therapist appointment was Friday morning. The therapist mostly examined my leg to create a therapy plan. She did massage out some of the old cramp pain. She told me that tensing up the muscles as I walked was not necessary to protect the knee and only led to pulled muscles, so I should stop doing it. And she taught me how to walk properly with a cane. Amy and I bought a cane after that appointment.

Now it is Sunday, so I have had a day and a half off my feet, and the ache in my left knee has died down. I still have a lot of tension in my left calf. Back when I had muscle cramps from my fatigue illness, I learned how to unknot a charlie-horse cramp, but a pulled muscle is a different sort of cramp and all I know to do is let it rest.

I have three more physical therapy appointments next week, all in the late afternoon because I do not want to walk back to my desk after therapy. I dare not lose my excess weight by diet alone, because I strongly suspect that if my metabolism slows, my fatigue illness will slip out of remission again. So I need to lose the weight by exercise. But what is a good exercise for burning calories and keeping my metabolism going that does not strain my knee? The orthopedist recommended swimming and bicycling.

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Sunday, February 4th, 2007
8:02 pm - Taking On, Part 2
It took me two weeks to write up the second piece of this episode, which is a disappointingly slow rate. We finished playing the entire episode, and it will take about six pieces to post.

Pilot Episode, Taking On, Part 2Collapse )

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Sunday, January 21st, 2007
6:36 pm - Serenity Roleplaying Game
Frostmuffin gave Tempestborne the Serenity Roleplaying Game, based on the Firefly TV show and the Serenity movie. And once Tempestborne read up on the system, Frostmuffin, Riverlark, and I made characters for the game.

Tempestborne lives in another city and Riverlark is usually off at college, so we are filling in parts of the adventure via correspondence. My seldom-used livejournal seems good location to display the results, after I rewrite it into one smooth piece.

The Serenity system has an emphasis on making the adventures seem like episodes of a Firefly spinoff series. So I think the adventures will re-tell fairly well. Now, on with the story.

Pilot Episode, Taking On, Part 1Collapse )

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Monday, January 15th, 2007
8:26 pm - Weekend Trip to Long Island
Back when our friend amethyst_dancer used to live at Sound Beach, we traveled to Long Island fairly regularly. I haven't been back since she moved to upstate New York, though frostmuffin still visited on errands for tempestborne. In December, Tempestborne bought a house. He closed out his storage locker in Maryland and moved the items into his house. Not everything fit in one vanload. He left the excess with us.

So this weekend, Tempestborne invited us to see his new home. Frostmuffin, Megami, and I hauled his stuff up to him, too. We left Sunday morning. It was odd seeing the once-familiar highways again.

It is a small house, and the price for Long Island properly is astounding. Fortunately, it has a furnished basement to double its living space. We stayed overnight there. Tempestborne did not want our dogs upstairs , because he wants allergic friends to be able to visit too, but the basement is as nice as the upstairs. (Kerowyn is too aggressive a puppy to leave at home under a neighbor's care.)

We also played the Serenity role-playing game. Tempestborne is the GM for the game, but he wanted to play instead of direct, so I took over for a few hours. He derailed my plan by having his clever character stop the bad guys' crime too early, but I never run a tight plotline anyway, so I continued to see how his character handled the aftermath. He enjoyed himself.

We returned this afternoon, so that Frostmuffin could get to her evening class, and Megami could finish her work of preparing for Katsucon.

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